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I've been invited to share in many wonderful wedding ceremonies over the years. Hearing from the couples, their families, and their friends always warms my heart.

Deborah Zoe Photography

Even before I popped the question to my now wife, Christi, I knew the one person I wanted to perform our sacred and special ceremony: Karla! I had the privilege of working for Karla as a teacher for a number of years during her tenure as principal at Centerville Elementary School. Karla personifies the words Kindness, Professionalism, and Joy. With Karla at the helm of the school, you just knew it was going to be a good day as you walked into the building each morning. Karla was always supportive and encouraging, consistently motivating every teacher and student to be the “best they could be” over the loudspeaker daily! I truly cannot put into words the overwhelming feeling of love, positive energy, and respect that Karla exuded into the school culture and community, and that is exactly why I was determined to have her officiate our wedding!


Despite the onset of the pandemic, we decided we still wanted to marry on our original date, September 4, 2020, at the Lynch Park Rose Garden in Beverly, MA. It seemed that every week there was a new mandate or a new guideline affecting the ins and outs of our wedding ceremony and reception. Karla had a special sixth sense and knew that both my wife and I were nervous and anxious about all the changes to our plans. Over the course of the few months leading up to our special day, Karla made it a point to reach out to both of us, accommodate Zoom meetings to hash out details, and offer whatever she could think of to help us feel calm and reassured. The planning process was so easy and efficient with Karla; she had a myriad of ideas and ways to make our wedding day personal and memorable. As we discussed our hopes and dreams for the ceremony, Karla came up with a final draft of the service for us to preview, stressing that we could change anything we wanted. Upon reading the thoughtful, smile-provoking lines of her address, my wife and I knew everything was going to be simply unforgettable…and spoiler, it was!


In the days leading up to the wedding, Karla was gracious enough to attend our rehearsal, helping to guide the process of events and bringing together the entire wedding party with her charm and positivity in the midst of a rainy evening practice! The day of the ceremony was a mixture of energy, excitement, and anticipation. I will never forget seeing Karla standing on the steps of the Rose Garden ready to welcome us and seize the day like she encouraged the members of the school to do over the intercom so many years prior. Upon giving Karla a giant bearhug, tears running down my face, I knew I was about to go through one of the most significant moments of my life, and I was proud and ready for it to happen as I stood, next to Karla, with our family and friends waiting for Christi to walk down the red, brick-laid aisle of the Rose Garden.


 On that picture-perfect day, Karla delivered and guided us through a ceremony that we will truly never forget. We cannot tell you how many texts, emails, and comments we received (honestly, we lost count!) telling us how stunningly special and joyous the ceremony was. Throughout the entire process, Karla was always accessible, easy to talk with, and full of charm, reassurance, and guidance. I recommend Karla with 100% confidence! As we write this over a year later, we can tell you that you might forget the food, the decor, or even the dancing, but you will NEVER forget the moments spent facing the love of your life with Karla leading you through a thoughtful and truly personalized ceremony as only she knows how! It is very simple - just say, “Marry Me, Karla!”  

Kris and Christi - Wedding Couple

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Roberta Mauro Photography

Karla is the sweetest! We loved working with her on our wedding. At our first run thru of the ceremony I remember feeling so happy and that I honestly didn’t want to change a’s like she just got us! She was also so flexible and nice about changes needed due to COVID...simply the best! Would recommend her 1,000 %!

Lauren and Matt Sweet - Wedding Couple

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Photo by Helen Cogan Photography


The best gift you can give yourself for your “perfect” wedding day is to have Karla Firestone of Marry Me Karla, as your Wedding Officiant. Guests all agreed that Karla performed the BEST ceremony they have ever experienced. I think that’s because Karla has the bride and groom plan the ceremony with her. She met with us well before our
wedding day, for about an hour, and took notes on us as a couple-how we met, things we like, and what our vision was for our wedding ceremony. From that point on, Karla confirmed each and every step of the ceremony with us until we reached the final one. She is absolutely amazing at what she does. For my now husband and I, the ceremony was one of the most important parts of our day. It set the tone for our wedding and shared with our guests the love we have for each other. The best “perfect” wedding advice my husband and I would give is to allow Karla to share her passion for what she does as she officiates your “perfect” wedding, too.

Tom and Dorothy Weber - Wedding Couple


Photo by Jamie Schiloski

As soon as we met Karla at a bridal show, we instantly knew she’d be the perfect person to officiate our wedding! Karla is warm, welcoming, and puts care into making her couple's wedding day meaningful and memorable. She wrote a beautiful ceremony script about our love story that brought us to tears. She welcomed our feedback and helped us find the perfect words to say to each other. Karla brings more than just words on a paper - she facilitates a beautiful moment in time and truly cares about her couple’s happiness. Whatever we wanted, she did it! We felt a hundred times more confident going through the ceremony after meeting Karla. We felt like the pressure was taken off of us by simply following her lead. We could not have done this without her!


Karla went above and beyond to make our wedding day special. Our larger wedding was postponed due to COVID-19, but we still wanted to legally get married in June, 2020. She was super flexible and committed to helping us realize our dream. She wrote a new ceremony script that felt special and unique to us. More importantly, she went out of her way to marry us during this pandemic! We will be forever grateful for her love and support.


We would not hesitate to recommend Karla to any couple. Choose Karla if you want a once in a lifetime moment to be unforgettable! We're excited to be married (again) with Karla in 2021. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU KARLA!

Mr and Mrs. Luu-Wedding Couple


Karla was the perfect choice as our wedding officiant. She was professional and proficient in her communication with us while preparing our ceremony.  My husband and I come from different religious backgrounds and chose to have a nondenominational ceremony.  It was important to us to be able to include some traditions from each and Karla had gone beyond what we had expected.  She listened to us as a couple and personalized our ceremony to fit our needs. She was able to include exactly what we wanted and provided explanations to make our requests even more special.  Karla met with us on several occasions to keep us informed of what she was doing with  our ceremony and incorporated our opinion into the final version.  Karla is warm, passionate and organized. We highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for an officiant.

Kara and Drew F - Wedding Couple

The day your daughter gets married is one of the most important days of not only her life but yours as well.  Being the mother of the bride is VERY special.  You want everything to be perfect for her. Ever since my daughter was little we have talked about and dreamed of and planned her wedding day! It needed to be flawless!

To me, the ceremony is the most important part.  It is the place where my daughter and now son-in-law get to share their love to each other in front of all those who are special to them. I can confidently say, Karla did an impeccable job expressing who they are as a couple. It was so incredible for people of all stages of their lives to witness this, whether they knew them growing up or present day, they certainly left the ceremony understanding and appreciating their true bond, because of Karla. She was calm, poised, professional and created and officiated a wedding ceremony that was exactly what the bride and groom wished for, perfect from beginning to end.  We laughed, we cried, and most importantly we got to see my daughter and son-in-law exchange vows in a ceremony so thought-out. It was, hands down, the very best decision my daughter and son-in-law made to have Karla officiate their wedding. Thanks to Karla, it was a dream-come-true for all of us and we are so grateful. 

Mindy R - Mother of Bride

What a memorable experience we had at a recent wedding that was officiated by Karla Firestone!  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and very personal. Karla Firestone has a lovely warm demeanor and is very professional.  It was clear that she had taken the time to really get to know the couple.  She added some very unique and personal touches to the ceremony while truly capturing the love between the bride and groom.  This was an interfaith wedding and she was very comfortable in incorporating special Christian and Jewish traditions to the service.  We have attended 8 weddings this summer and have seen a variety of officiants. We can truly say that Karla Firestone was exceptional in her duties. We would highly recommend her!

Marjorie and Randy P-Wedding Guests

I have witnessed my share of weddings, I have attended 7 weddings this year alone and so many more over my 57 years. I have truly heard it all, from rabbis, to priests, to justices of the peace. They all pale in comparison to what Karla brings to the ceremony as a nondenominational officiant. For Karla, being an officiant is not just a job, it is a passion. Her preparation is impeccable and her delivery is pure heart. I attended a wedding in August in which Karla officiated. From the beginning of the ceremony to the “I Do’s” It was clear how much thought, care, and attention to detail in her preparation she poured into this wedding ceremony. Furthermore, her service was delivered in such a warm, meaningful and intimate manner, it brought tears to the eyes of all the guests in attendance. Whenever the subject of choosing an officiant comes up, my first reaction is you must use Karla Firestone to make this experience perfect. After all, a wedding ceremony is one of the most important rituals that a couple will celebrate together in life. Karla Firestone, as the officiant, will make this most important life cycle  event come to life for the bride and groom.

Debra B.-Wedding Guest

I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to Karla in helping me prepare, write and execute a ceremony that I officiated! From the very start Karla made this the most enjoyable and stress free experience. Karla is organized, thoughtful and incredibly talented. Karla gave me far more than a template, she helped me build a memorable, personable script and coached me every single step of the way. I felt honored and confident to deliver the script we worked so hard on, on the big day. Karla checked in with me, practiced with me, edited with me, I even felt like she was there with me on the actual wedding day. Every small detail Karla reviewed with me. From how to get my license, to what I wore, she was so incredibly knowledgeable and I appreciated her guidance more than words can say. I can’t recommend any one in the world better to work with than Karla! 

Kimmie Leibovitz - “Officiant for a Day”

Karla officiated my son and daughter in law’s wedding 4 years ago.  Karla made sure the ceremony was special.  Karla did her homework.  Although my daughter in law is Karla’s niece, Karla made it a point to speak about my son, her niece, their journey and the love they share.  She spoke about them as individuals and them as a couple.  Karla made sure that all in attendance would get to know the bride and groom during the ceremony.  Her remarks were heartfelt, sincere and humorous.  I remember just smiling throughout the entire ceremony listening to Karla speak about the bride and groom.  Immediately after the wedding, I received so many positive comments about the ceremony.  In fact, 4 years later I still receive wonderful comments.  If anyone were to ask me if I knew anyone to officiate a wedding, I would only recommend Karla.

Diane S.-Mother of Groom''

Karla officiated our wedding on 9-28-2019. The first time we spoke with her on the phone we knew she would be the perfect fit for us. Then when we met her & she put together a rough copy of a ceremony for us & she brought us to tears. We are a blended family & Karla included my 6 year old son in the vows my husband wanted to read to him. She made us feel so comfortable & remained in contact with us during the months of our planning. We were able to edit the ceremony the way we wanted whenever we wanted. If we had any questions or opinions she was always available to speak with us. She even offered to come help with the wedding decorations on the day of our wedding!!  I don’t believe there was a dry eye during the ceremony. Karla made everything so personal to fit the 3 of us. You can tell just by speaking to her how much of a big heart she has. We feel honored to know such a wonderful woman. She lives 2 hours away from us and that was NEVER a issue for Karla. The only thing I regret is not getting to give her a hug after our beautiful ceremony. Here is a picture of the 4 of us on the best day of our lives. I highly highly recommend Karla to make your wedding everything you could ever dream of.

The Rourke's-Wedding Couple

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 1.15.23 PM.png

One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was choosing Karla as our officiant. She took unlimited time to work with us to create the ceremony of our dreams. We come from different religions and Karla was so creative in helping us decide how to incorporate both traditions. She captured who we are as a couple and made our ceremony unique to us. We wanted  our guests to feel our love and without a doubt Karla portrayed that in a clear, meaningful, and heartfelt way. It was also important to write our own vows. Karla spent time with us individually, helping us write (and practice) what we wanted to say to each other. She spent countless hours reviewing the ceremony with us, making sure we were 100 percent happy which meant so much. Guests still, 4 years later (!!!!), talk about the ceremony and how incredibly special it was. We can’t thank her enough for creating and officiating the perfect  wedding ceremony! We are forever grateful to Karla or better known to us as “Officiator Auntie.” As we started our wedding ceremony planning with her, to the “I do’s”, to this day, she will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Lindsey and Chris S.-Wedding Couple

Photo by Studio26

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